QUIZ: Do you really have your SNEAKERS GAME ON?

Everyone calls themselves a sneakers fan… but how much do you know about sneakers other than the ongoing hype between you and your friends?! Let’s test your sneakers knowledge and also stand a chance to win our Oo La Sneakers at the end of the quiz!

An SBTG x Oo La Lab collaboration sneakers. 

QUIZ: Find Out Your Ideal Scent Based On Your Love Story

What does LOVE smell like to you?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve known your favorite person for five weeks or maybe five years, walking down the memory lane is an uplifting activity between you and your partner. Scents can do just that, it can tell us a story. Our sense of smell can be so powerful and reminiscent.

So, what does your love smell like to you? Let’s take this quiz to find out what kind of scent fits your interpretation of your own love story.


QUIZ: Find Out Which Fragrance Suits Your Personality Best

An individual’s personality type can affect his or her preference for scents. A Homebody with a modern romantic personality will definitely have different scent preferences than an Adventurer with an urban bohemian personality. Take the quiz to find out the perfume that fits you like a glove!

What do flowers symbolize?

It is true that flowers of varying families and colors have been used to express emotions between people or to commemorate an occasion.

Can you guess which flowers represent what emotions? This quiz will help you find out

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