Helping Winemaker Penfolds go Phygital


Location: Singapore, Asia Pacific


  • Creation of 5 bespoke fragrances to capture the essence of 5 iconic Penfolds wines
  • Elevated consumer interest and lower barriers to entry for new consumers to try something new
  • A great example of martech activations to grow brand and business


With sampling and tasting almost obsolete in stores after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region, products that depend on sensory experiences to attract consumers, like wine, have had to find whole new ways to attract consumers.
According to Penfolds, one of the largest wine companies in the world, research has shown that whilst an average buyer can spend four minutes browsing wine racks, some 32% of buyers found missing information on wines and flavor profiles.
This has led the company to believe that consumers feel a lack in their wine shopping experience, thereby working to innovate what it calls “phygital” in-store displays to enhance that shopping experience.
‘Phygital’ displays refer to the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world and the physical world, and for Penfolds this has been implemented in several ways: one of them is to stimulating the sense of smell, wine aromas are distributed on scent strips to allow consumers to assess wine profiles without the need to taste samples.


Penfolds and its technology partner engaged us to create 5 bespoke fragrances that would capture the aromatic and gustatory essence of experiencing a bottle of wine.

We spent many sessions together tasting wine and developing an olfactory creation that would both represent the actual ingredients inside the bottle as well as also tell a powerful story.

Additional aides such as audio-visual content to be displayed alongside the sampling stations was also reviewed.

A first in the wine and spirits retail industry!


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