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Cheesy Nail Polish

Velveeta has just launched a line of cheese-scented nail polishes for all the cheese lovers out there.

The cheese brand has teamed up with beauty brands, Nails Inc, to launch its first ever nail polish collection, called “Pinkies Out.”

Available as a limited edition collaboration, the red and yellow polish is great news for anyone who wants to walk around all day looking like the messiest cheese-dip eater in the world.

The nail polish is 100%vegan and cruelty free, but unfortunately not edible!!


The Scent of Music

Everyone knows Axel Rudi Pell is a famous heavy metal guitarist. What few people know is that he is now making a name for himself as a perfumer.

The olfactory rocker has 50 perfumes and he never uses the same scent two days in a row. ”Knights Fragrances” is the name of his cologne series.

Music and fragrance have a lot in common. They are both made up of harmonies and multiple notes blended together to make a memorable experience.

Like in music, Pell composes fragrances and aims to create perfect harmony with his new scents.


Robots are now coming for your Grog

The Robots are coming for your Whiskey and Wine.
At least not to drink it, but rather to smell it.

A Robotic Nose scientifically anointed as NOS.E has been programmed to smell out counterfeit whiskies and apparently are much more accurate than skilled Sommeliers.

Developed in Australia by the UTS (University of Technology, Sydney), this modern day marvel can effectively sample whiskeys and identify key characteristics including brand, origin, and authenticity.
Human sommeliers, as much as we love them and (sometimes) love to hate them, cannot be 100% accurate.
NOS.E attempts to replicate a human olfactory system using eight gas sensors to identify aromatic molecules inside a vial of whiskey.
Our Australian researchers tested their proud creation  on six whiskies – three blended malts and three single malt whiskies. NOSE.E was able to detect differences between the whiskies with 100% accuracy, in regards to region, 96.15% accuracy for brand name and 92.31% accuracy for style.
Lab tests like gas chromatography and mass spectrometry delivered similar results, according to researchers.
Future iterations of NOS.E could apply across other beverages particularly wine and cognac.
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Campbell’s Soup concocts Chicken Noodle Smelling Candles

Campbell’s Soup is launching two limited-edition candles that smell like its signature soup flavours – Chicken Noodle and Tomato & Grilled Cheese.
The Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese candle features notes of roasted tomato, peppercorn and gooey grilled cheese, whilst the Chicken Noodle Soup candle features notes of savoury chicken, cloves and buttery crackers.
You even pop the candle open like a can of soup by peeling off the lid.
Campbell’s is ‘canning’ only 2,000 candles, each priced at $24. Currently only available in the US of A.

Baby Superpowered Scent

Research shows that a chemical called HEX that babies give off from their heads calm men but make women more aggressive.

This could be a chemical defence system we inherited from our animal ancestors, making women more likely to defend their babies and men less likely to kill them. Odors affect behaviour in the animal world in plenty of ways. For example, a rabbit mom will attack her pups if they smell like another female rabbit.

We humans like to think we are above all that, but scientists are increasingly finding that odors affect us more than we think!!

Eau de Comet

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, currently orbiting the sun, was recently analyzed by a team of scientists.

They discovered what a comet smells like by analyzing a mixture of molecules in the comet’s coma – the cloud of particles and gasses around the space rock’s nucleus. The molecules were collected by instruments aboard the Rosetta spacecraft.

The molecules include hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide, methanol and sulphur dioxide. These can smell like a pungent cocktail of rotten eggs and a whiff of horse stables. In other words, if you could take a whiff of a comet, the smell would give you a serious headache!

A Whiff of Trouble

Research shows that hummingbirds have an active sense of smell and can smell their way out of danger while hunting for nectar. This is due to in part to their large olfactory bulbs, which is the tissue in the brain that controls smell.

For their experiments, scientists observed more than a hundred hummingbirds in the wild and in aviaries. The birds were given the choice between two feeders, either sugar water or sugar water plus one of several chemicals whose scent signaled the presence of an insect.

Results show that the hummingbirds avoided the water with the acid and that they can use their sense of smell to avoid danger while foraging for food.



A Fragrance for all Petrol Heads

With the launch of its new electric car, Ford has created a fragrance which smells like gasoline. 70% of electric car buyers said they would miss the smell of gas when switching to a plug-in vehicle.

The smell of gasoline ranks as a more popular scent than wine and cheese and is identical to the aroma of used books.

Called Mach-Eau, this fragrance is designed to please the nose of any wearer. A high-end fragrance that combines smokey, rubber and metallic accords. Notes include lavender, geranium, sandalwood and blue ginger.

Do Beer Drinkers Care What They Smell Like?

Victoria Bitter is a full flavoured beer produced by Carlton & United Breweries, a subsidiary of Asahi, in Melbourne Victoria. It is one of the best-selling beers in Australia.

To celebrate the “satisfying moment of knock-off” VB has released a new hops-scented fragrance. Named Thirst, this fragrance is made from perfume oil combined with an extract from the same hops used to brew VB. This scent is also available in longneck bottles.

The new scent opens with a refreshing combination of bitter citrus and icy aromas, before finishing with the bold freshness and energy of sweet hoppy accents.

A perfume designed for the Australian beer lover, this fragrance will certainly make up for that spilt beer smell from the local pub.




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