Creating the signature scent for Grab, the #1 ride-hailing service in Asia Pacific

Grab Taxi

Location: Asia Pacific


• The Grab Signature scent was designed to relax and soothe passengers.
• The fragrance provides brand awareness and standardisation across a fleet of widely varying vehicles and transportation formats.
• The scent delivery mechanism was R&D and produced by TMB.


Grab Taxis have become an indispensable service to commuters across Asia Pacific. By jumping into a Grab the experience is way more than transporting a passenger from point A to point B. It is a moment of peace, quiet and in a sense a refuge from the sometimes maddening world outside.

As Grab Taxis are represented by a wide range of vehicle types it can be difficult to standardise the traveller experience, as you would welcoming a guest to a brand name hotel chain.


Grab engaged us to develop a signature scent for their taxis to provide a standardised brand welcome to on boarding passengers. Titled ‘Freedom Drive’ and inspired by Grab brand guidelines and community vision, TMB worked closely with Grab Brand and Marcoms teams to ensure alignment throughout the process.

With notes of amber woods, bergamot and tea, ‘Freedom Drive’ is a sensory blend that speaks of our Asian heritage and the comforting security of home.
Currently testing in Singapore, the initiative is expected to be rolled out to the rest of Asia Pacific.

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