9 Unbelievable Facts About Your Nose That You Probably Don’t Know

After reading this list you will have a new perspective on your Shnoz

  1. The way you sneeze may be in your genes, meaning your family sneezes the same way.
  2. You Can Detect More Than 10,000 Scents.
  3. Your Nose Is Connected to Your Memory.
  4. Your nose shapes the sound of your voice.
  5. Your nose can help detect dangerous chemicals in the air.
  6. Air passing through the nasal cavity is warmed or cooled to match your body temperature.
  7. ‘Anosmia’ is the inability to smell.
  8. ‘Dysosmia’ is when things don’t smell as they should.
  9. ‘Hyperosmia’ is having a very strong sense of smell.

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