Smell Good, Feel Good?

There’s something about scent that can be a real game-changer. Amongst many other functions, fragrance has the ability to elicit varying emotions. Harnessing the same effects of dressing up all snazzy for a night out or listening to an upbeat tune, smelling certain scents can inject a boost of confidence to your state of mind.

Here are some scents that can power up positive vibes.

  • Citrus: Spry and energetic, citrus notes can put you in focus mode. It will help perk you up and be more alert, while counterbalancing fiery emotions. Such notes can zone in on mental clarity and lift professional confidence.
  • Oriental: Sensual, spicy scents of oriental origin can help to give off a seductive air around you. Notes of patchouli, vanilla and frankincense are warm and alluring, elevating your attractiveness from the inside out.
  • Minty: Cool as a cucumber, minty smells can leave you buzzing with energy and stimulate clarity in thought. This is due to the menthol in several mints like peppermint, which create a cooling, anti-fatigue sensation that will enliven your mood.

However, it needs to be said that every “confidence-boosting scent” is very much like a glass slipper— there’s no one-size fit all. Fragrance is a personal ritual, intimately-knit with each individuals’ emotional levels. At times when you need a pick-me-up, take a whiff of scent closely related to a happy or empowering memory in your own mind palace. Only when you smell a scent your brain has catalogued as positive, will you truly get that much-needed boost of confidence.

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